Terms and Conditions



All creative services are guaranteed for professional rendering & usability, this includes:

WebDesignPlus guarantees all front end coding and web apps scripting. This, however, does not refer to issues resulting from:  



    • All creative orders require FULL PAYMENT at the time of customer placing an order before a customer's project can be scheduled for production. Once payment has been verified customer will be notified by the email the scheduled time production begins.
    • Payment for services MUST be in U.S. Dollars paid via PayPal by check, cash-able at any Major U.S. Bank, or via PayPal by credit card (Visa / AMEX / Master Card / Discover).
    • Customer agrees to pay a $25 NSF fee for any returned check due to insufficient funds (NSF). Prices are subject to change without notice, but will not affect orders placed prior to change.

    • Customer assumes all liability for submitted art, copy and ideas to WebDesign-Plus for designing or the creation of customer requested materials. In no event shall WebDesign-Plus be liable for any copyright infringements from customer submitted art or copy, or any other damages resulting from client submitted materials.

    • Creative design projects CAN ONLY BE CANCELLED PRIOR TO SCHEDULING to receive a full refund. The request must be a signed cancellation request sent VIA FAX by only the originator of the initial order (check or credit card account holder).
    • In the event a customer cancels a CREATIVE design order, customer agrees to pay 15% of the total project cost as a cancellation fee.

    • WebDesign-Plus has a NO-REFUND policy on all completed work that has been signed-off by the customer.
    • In the event customer cancels a project or service(s), before the date of scheduled production, customer agrees to pay 15% of the total project cost as a cancellation fee. The remaining balance will be refunded. Customer's credit card will receive a back credit less 15%. If paid by check, a check, less 15%, will be mailed to the address given on the original order.

    • All proprietary Logos and materials of WebDesign-Plus, it's affiliates and it's clients are copyrighted. Any reproduction or storage of materials without written permission from its original owner constitute copyright infringement and are subject to the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, Title 17 U.S.C. Written approval must be granted by the proprietor to avoid legal damages to customer's use. Once permission is granted, only specified logos, link buttons, or banners of WebDesign-Plus shall be used for promotional purposes only.

    • WebDesign-Plus specifically agrees not to provide it's services in any manner that is to be used for any illegal, libelous purpose, or for any project that supports or promotes pornographic, sexist, or hate materials.

    • All clients will receive a free consultation per project. Each stage of production and development requires an approval from the original person placing the service order, or by an authorized representative, before advancing on to the next project stage. At the time of placing a service order a client may name another person authorized to approve production stages in their absence.

    • After a Client has proofed content and content is correct, Client may request (1) additional content change to be made by production without charge.
    • Additional Client requested changes to content will incur a production service fee based on the production time needed to make changes to meet the Client's requirements. Upon request for additional changes an estimate for additional production time will be provided.

    • Clients will be informed of any additional cost incurred by WebDesign-Plus for added services due to any client requested changes that deviates from the original assigned project. All project are allowed (2) minor changes prior to moving forward to a project's final stage. The client will be consulted on such requested revisions with an estimate of cost of any requested revision(s). Client approvals for any revisions (changes) must be approved by the originator of the order and pay the additional cost via Paypal prior to project continuation.

    • All creative and technical services are guaranteed for cross browser, usability functionality and performance. This includes clients original documented service request and the designers/developer's specs presented in each project details.
    • This Guarantee becomes automatically voided once any coding, scripting, or any other programming has been altered by anyone other than WebDesign-Plus. This guarantee does not cover loss of functionality due to changing browser technologies, client side computer programming changes, or new server environment changes, which may cause current scripting or web applications to no longer function properly.


    • Customer agrees to the "Terms and Conditions" at the time of placing an order using our online forms. Customer agrees to the "Terms and Conditions" and pricing provided by signing any Estimate/Work Order for services and FAXing to WebDesign-Plus at 707 452-0403. Customer agrees to these terms of services by approving estimates and placing orders for services. Customer understands that these terms may change without prior notice but will not affect orders placed prior to changes.

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    WebDesignPlus occasionally runs promotions offering FREE service to both our first time customers and long time loyal clients. These special offers are valid with our PROMOTIONAL package or as an INTRODUCTION to WebDesign-Plus. However, in many cases FREE services and PROMOTIONAL offers will have their own special TERMS OF USE.

    All free services, which are called Free Bonuses, are not considered promotional but is our way of providing extra bonus value for our customers. Free bonuses for our customers include, free banner design and online website builder app.

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    If you decide to cancel an order or contract to receive a full refund you must meet the two requirements below.

    First requirement: production has not already been scheduled.

    Second requirement: the cancellation request is made within 30 days of purchasing of the service, to meet our Money Back Guarantee Policy.

    Once production has been scheduled and /or work has already begun, the customer will still be refunded the full amount LESS TIME ALREADY INVESTED IN THE PROJECT. There is a $25.00 scheduling cancellation fee that's automatically deducted plus any project production fees already incurred.

    To cancel a project, the Customer needs to login to their account, send a support ticket to our Customer Service Department and provide any authentication credentials requested by WebDesignPlus. Other forms of cancellation requests will not be accepted. Any incentives (free bonuses, etc.) offered to the Customer upon sign-up will be also cancelled.

    Late cancellations, as well as accounts cancelled by WebDesignPlus. due to TOS violations (where the customer has decided not to fix the violation) do not qualify for the 30-day money back guarantee.

    All validated credit requests for Credit cards and PayPal payments are processed within 48 hours of the submission of the refund request (by customer support ticket, as mentioned above). The funds will be credited back to the Customer's credit card or PayPal account and affect the Customer's PayPal balance in accordance with the PayPal's terms of service.


    WebDesignPlus offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If your project has not been scheduled or production has not begun, you must submit a refund request ticket to receive a full refund. If already scheduled for production, a $25.00 rescheduling fee will also be deducted from the refund amount. Please, NOTE* Completed projects are non-refundable services.


    What's Non-Refundable at 100% Services: Past 30 Day accounts / already scheduled projects / completed projects / cancelled or suspended accounts


    Charge backs are considered a refund for services.



    Certain sections of WebDesignPlus news releases may contain forward-looking statements projecting future events, such as new software incorporations, updates, promotions, new service introductions, etc. It is possible that these statements may deviate from the actual circumstances, since they are treated as intentions and express expectations and approximate plans of action regarding the relevant forthcoming events.  

    Forward Looking Statements can be recognized by the availability of indicative words such as "believes", ÔÇťanticipates," "plans," "may," "hopes," "can," "will," "expects," "is designed to," "with the intent," "potential", etc. However, their availability is not a prerequisite for a forward-looking statement to be treated as such.


    Any way of indecent treatment towards a WebDesignPlus employee will be considered as totally inappropriate and unacceptable. Each Customer is expected to communicate in an utterly polite and professional manner with WebDesignPlus employees regarding any request for help or consultation, or any other reason for contacting our WebDesignPlus team via e-mail, chat, phone or through our Ticket Desk Support System. Each Customer is expected to avoid any form of emotional outburst or inappropriate language, or any other attempt to be undermined the importance of good ethics in communication and human relations. Any act of close nature, or other type of offensive, abusive, disrespectful or condescending behavior - oral, written, or delivered by a second party - to members of WebDesignPlus customer care stuff will be interpreted as a breach of this TOS. WebDesignPlus reserves the right to assess at its sole discretion which behavior is to be considered as a violation of the hereby stated rule and agreement , and to undertake according actions, including refuse refunds to users whose accounts have been suspended for violating this TOS provision.



    WebDesignPlus CANNOT and WILL NOT be liable for any failure or delay in doing its professional duties resulting from circumstances beyond its physical control. Such circumstances may represent acts of any governmental body, war, rebellion, sabotage, embargo, fire, flood, strike or other labor disturbances, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of, interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services (including DNS propagation), failure of third party software or hardware, or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies or power used in or equipment needed for provisioning of the Services.


    In order to improve all creative and customer care services, WebDesignPlus reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Customers are encouraged therefore to review this document periodically.


    You agree that WebDesignPlus, at its sole discretion, may terminate your password, account or use of the Service (or any part thereof), and remove and discard any Content within the Service if you violate this Agreement.